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Drew Barrymore on Momhood

Giuliana and Bill Rancic interviewed Drew for and talked to her about motherhood, her new cosmetics line and what other celebrity parents inspire her.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic chat with mompreneur Drew Barrymore about her new baby, Olive, guilt, and growing up in the Hollywood spotlight.

G&B: New baby and new makeup line—how are you managing it all? Olive must be a good sleeper!

DB: She is a good sleeper, but it is because I am very strict with her schedule.

G&B: What was the inspiration for Flower Beauty?

DB: I’ve been in the makeup chair my whole life. I’ve also worked with the best makeup artists in the world and I was co-creative director at CoverGirl. I have learned so much and wanted to give women quality cosmetics they can afford. We have the same ingredients as luxury makeup.

G&B: Are you the kind of girl who wears makeup most of the time, or only when you really have to?

DB: I like to wear a lot of makeup, I like to wear no makeup, but most of the time I want easy makeup. I want to have tools that let me do my makeup really quickly.

G&B: Which are your go-to items from the collection?

DB: Lip Tints in Dewy Rose (a red), Airy Orchid (a violet), and Sheer Blossom (a mauve). They are the perfect amount of color for your day.

G&B: What is your favorite part about being a mom?

DB: Being constantly fascinated by Olive. And caring more about her than I’ve ever cared about anything.

G&B: What’s been hardest?

DB: The guilt—lots of moms tell me that is a natural feeling, but it is very powerful.

G&B: What did you have to change, lifestyle-wise, after Olive was born?

DB: So much. The truth is, you can’t have it all. But you can appreciate what you do have much more. Everything gets more narrow, more focused.

G&B: What will you do differently with Olive from the way you grew up?

DB: Schedules, chore charts, family meals, consistency, boundaries, routine, trust, and endless joy.

G&B: You were a child star—would you want the same for your daughter?

DB: No. I want her to be a kid as long as possible.

G&B: What about when she’s older? How would you feel about Olive joining the Barrymore family business someday?

DB: If it made her happy, I think that would be great.

G&B: Will you be a softie or a disciplinarian?

DB: Disciplinarian, because I think it shows that you care. But that doesn’t have to negate being the silliest mom that ever lived.

G&B: At what age will you let Olive start experimenting with makeup?

DB: Kids should not wear makeup! However, teenagers should absolutely play with makeup. I think that’s where you start to learn who you are.

G&B: How involved has your husband, Will Kopelman, been with Olive?

DB: He is a great dad. I waited to do this until I knew I would have a great partner. And he wants to take her to football games, which I’m excited about.

G&B: Which of your movies do you most want Olive to see when she’s bigger?

DB: E.T. and Ever After.

G&B: What other famous parents do you admire?

DB: Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw. They have a big, beautiful family and they are happy, giving, and wise.

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Warner Bros. Announces Title, Release Date for Adam Sandler Romantic Comedy

The Hollywood Reporter has news on Drew’s new project with Adam Sandler, including the title of the comedy which is Blended.

Warner Bros.’ romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore has gotten an official title and release date.

The film, titled Blended, will hit theaters May 23, 2014.

The project reunites the two actors, who starred together in The Wedding Singer and Fifty First Date, and revolves around a man and a woman who, after a disastrous first date, get trapped at a family resort with their kids from previous marriages in tow. An attraction begins to grow despite comedic mishaps.

Frequent Sandler director Frank Coraci is helming the project, which is being produced by Mike Karz and Sandler’s Happy Madison shingle. Community star Joel McHale recently was cast as Barrymore’s immature ex-husband.

Blended will open against Fox’s sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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Drew Barrymore Sings to Us About Wine

While at the Pebble Hill Food & Wine Festival, Esquire caught up with Drew who sang about Wine!

An interview is at its best when a question provokes the subject to see his or her own life in an unexpected way.

But it was even better for me last weekend. The opposite occurred when I sat with Drew Barrymore at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival.

I had come to this festival for reasons that I didn’t fully understand. And while under a huge white exposition tent, I approached the actress to ask about the new wine being introduced in her name.

One thing I know about wine. Everybody has his or her own personal entry point. I sensed that her wine meant something special to her simply because it’s a Pinot Grigio.

When it comes to the world’s great wines, Pinot Grigio never enters discussions. It’s a light white wine that knows how to refresh a warm spring or — better yet — hot summer day. It comes from a humble grape that blends into the moment, never tries to steal the scene, preferring to fit in, relaxed and comfortable.

Few people outside of a certain area in Italy would even think about starting a wine label around a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Because Drew chose to start with a grape that had absolutely no ego, I was curious if there was a moment that sparked the endeavor.

She poured two glasses, handed me one, and out of nowhere, asked: “What’s the best moment you’ve had today?”

We had just met, and therefore there was no way she could have known what a loaded question that was.

There were many people waiting to speak to her, and there was no time to explain that almost fifteen years before I had absolutely no knowledge of wine and gone off to learn about it at a restaurant called Windows on the World at the top of the World Trade Center.

So I didn’t tell her how two of the best wine teachers in the world had taken me in to show me how to become a sommelier so that I could write a funny story about a rookie serving wine above the clouds. It may have started out as a lark, but I quickly fell in love with wine, spent a couple of years learning all I could about it in what seemed to be an endless chain of parties and generosity, and, on a memorable night in 2001, actually did serve as a sommelier at the top of the World Trade Center.

Just as I prepared to write the story, two planes smashed into the twin towers, took the buildings down and more than three thousand lives with them, and wine just didn’t quite taste the same to me afterward, and I didn’t drink it very often.

The experience haunted me for the obvious reasons, and more. I couldn’t write about it, just couldn’t figure out how to balance the joy of all those lifted glasses and the tragedy that smashed into them. A lot had been invested. Years began to pass. At odd moments at three in the morning I began to question my very essence. If I couldn’t write about one of the seminal moments in my lifetime, how could I even call myself a writer?

It took ten years for the U.S. military to catch up with the man responsible for the carnage. And just as long for me to figure out how to write the story that I needed to write. It won a big award. Shortly afterward, I met the two guys running the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival, and they invited me. As soon as I stepped into The Inn at Spanish Bay it felt like walking into the happy ether that had evaporated around me on September 11, 2001, that magnetic attraction of people who love to share the love of sharing.

“Let’s see,” I repeated Drew’s question. “What’s the best moment I’ve had today? So far I’ve met eight people who I’d never seen before this morning. I’ve hugged them, they’ve hugged me, and I may well be friendly with them for the rest of my life.”

She smiled — and I added: “It may happen with you, too.”

Drew glanced at the line of people waiting to see her and said: “We’ve got a few minutes to find out.”

We lifted glasses, clinked them, and I felt the Pinot Grigio roll around the inside of my cheeks. I was not that type of sommelier who liked to use phrases like “shows hints of citrus.” Wine was, and always will be, music to me.

“If this wine were a song,” I asked her, “what would it be?”

Her face pulled back, her eyes went skyward and her lips opened. It was a question she’d never been asked, and she liked that. But she didn’t have an immediate answer.

Instead she told me how she’d grown up in West Hollywood in “unfancy” circumstances. To one day get to visit a vineyard in Italy, to be on a little cigarette boat moving across Lake Garda, were revelatory moments in her life. She said she sought to create a wine that could balance anything that makes you want to complain about your day.

She took another sip, and started to channel Etta James.

Oh-oh, sometimes, I get a good feeling…

It felt like I had returned home and simultaneously started off on a new adventure.

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Drew Barrymore to produce new cooking reality series

As we know how much Drew loves watching cooking shows I am excited by this fun news that Fox has shared.

Actress Drew Barrymore is stepping into the world of reality TV after signing up to produce a new cooking competition.

The Charlie’s Angels star has been brushing up on her culinary skills since wedding husband Will Kopelman and becoming a mum to daughter Olive last year, and she has become obsessed with watching cooks battle it out on TV.

She reveals she records “every food competition show” to watch while she’s at home, and now Barrymore has decided to step behind the scenes to create her own, titled Knife Fight, for America’s Esquire Network, according to Marie Claire magazine.

The actress also admits she has developed a fascination with all things Italian, and plans to one day travel to the European country to learn how to make hearty family meals from local chefs.

She says, “(I want) to live in Italy for a summer and go to cooking school while I’m there.”

A premiere date for Knife Fight has yet to be announced.

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Drew Barrymore Lightens Her Locks shares Drew’s changing hair tones!

We’ve been so busy admiring Drew Barrymore‘s lipstick choices lately that we almost completely missed the fact that she’s been slowly lightening her hair for months.

From the deep chocolate hue she was wearing in December, the actress has seemed to go lighter almost from the tips up, getting progressively more ombré before landing on auburn.

Then at Saturday’s GLAAD Awards, she debuted an even blonder style, going for an allover honey color with hints of strawberry that looks amazing with her fair skin.

She’s not the only star who’s been lightening up for spring and we are loving this new, blonder crew.

(PS: Still dying to know which lipstick color she wore to GLAAD? We were too, so we found out: It’s her own FLOWER Kiss Stick Velvet lip color in Dahlia Dahling and Line & Shine lip liner in Red.)

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People’s 2013 Most Beautiful List

Drew is on the list of People’s Most Beautiful for 2013.

“Happiness is the best makeup any woman can wear,” Barrymore, who recently launched a makeup line, told E!. “It’s all about the inside … that’s where the poison or the sunshine lays.” It’s probably all sunshine these days for the new mom, 38, who welcomed her “biggest crush,” daughter Olive, in October.